About UpMusing


UpMusing is a cross-disciplinary project dedicated to developing music and multimedia streaming as digital medicine

  • UpMusing is an endeavor focused on music and multimedia streaming for the treatment and prevention of depression and other chronic medical conditions.









  • UpMusing’s long-term goal is to bring music streaming and other non-pharmacological modalities into digital medicine. To advance this cross-disciplinary project, we explore multiple facets ranging from feasibility and technology to clinical testing and regulatory process:
  • Why does UpMusing bother with converting music streaming into digital medicine, when one can simply listen to her/his favorite music? Because this may favor broader acceptance and implementation of this technology among doctors, healthcare and pharma/biotech, while allowing internet/tech companies to expand their services/products via partnerships with healthcare.
  • Here is one possible pathway to advance this project:

  • Challenge #2: Please imagine music streaming that is reimbursed by health care insurance companies, or paid by universal health care. Can health care industry collaborate with musicians and internet companies to create streaming as digital medicine?