Our Research


  • Examples of general questions we are asking: Can doctors prescribe mobile apps, video games, music, or multimedia streaming as adjunct therapies? Can doctors prescribe combinations of digital medicine and antidepressants, or antipsychotics, or analgesics, or antiseizure medications?
  • Example of our research papers are here:

  • Conflict of Interest disclosure: Dr. Grzegorz Bulaj is a co-inventor on issued and pending patents related to disease therapy video game and to streaming as digital medicine for epilepsy. He is also a scientific cofounder and officer in Epicadence PBC, a public benefit corporation focused on developing mobile and streaming technologies as treatments for epilepsy patients.
  • If you consider supporting our research, please visit: www.benefunder.com/life-science-causes/grzegorz-bulaj/integrating-music-games-and-medicine
  • Challenge #7. Imagine that we have resolved challenges #1-6 related to music streaming as digital medicine.