Why Streaming


  • Depression affects 350 million people worldwide, and current treatments with either antidepressants or cognitive behavioral therapy have remission rates of only 30-40%.
  • Music, physical exercise, nutrition, yoga, mindfulness, video games, mobile apps and web-based interventions have shown clinical benefits for people with depression. These non-pharmacological modalities can be transformed into digital medicine via software.
  • The internet can be used as a delivery system for non-pharmacological therapies and self-care for specific medical conditions. Did you know that web-based interventions like SPARX, or mobile apps like SuperBetter and MoodHacker showed clinical benefits to treat symptoms of depression?
  • Each of us is different and we have our individual preferences, habits, life-styles, hence multimedia streaming allows us to deliver personalized non-pharmacological and self-care content at our own convenience:

Streaming digital medicine is convenient for at-home and in-hospital use,   as well as it can ease transitions from hospital-care to home-care.

  • Challenge #4: There are growing number of mobile apps and web-based interventions for depression and other chronic disorders. Will these diverse digital health technologies integrate multimedia streaming into their platforms?